Supported Employment

Supported Employment Programs assists consumers in obtaining gainful employment. 



BEW offers two Supported Employment Programs:

1. The Supported Employment Program (SEP) is a vocational and employment training program for consumers who have intellectual disabilities. SEP is designed to help consumers identify and retain gainful employment at various capacities. 

SEP consists of four (4) phases leading to jobs opportunities (i.e., janitorial services, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc.):

  1. Job Readiness,
  2. Job Training ,
  3. Job Placement, and 
  4. Post Placement


2. The Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program is an evidenced-based employment program for consumer’s between the ages of 18 and 24 who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. IPS is recovery oriented and assists consumers in obtaining and retaining employment within local businesses.

IPS offers the following:

  • Job Coaching
  • Resume Development
  • Pre-Interview Training
  • Support while on the job