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Listed below are some of the jobs we hire for

Board Certified Psychiatrists
Clinical Psychology is a general practice and health service provider specialty in professional psychology. Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, predict, prevent and treat psychopathology, mental disorders and other individual or group problems to improve behavior adjustment, adaptation, personal effectiveness and satisfaction.
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
LCSWs act as advocates and help clients gain access to resources while confronting their personal issues, such as mental illness, addiction, and abuse. A variety of private, public, and non-profit organizations employ LCSWs, with the greatest number of employment opportunities occurring in urban areas. Social workers may specialize in mental health and substance abuse; medical and public health; or child, family, and school social work. They may also work in research, administration, policy-making, or public planning.
Certified HIV Specialist
HIV/AIDS Specialist will be responsible for providing technical and managerial support to the planning, programming and monitoring of implementation of the HIV/AIDS programmes (PMTCT, Pediatric care, Primary Prevention and Protection of children Affected by Aids).
MISA Certified Case Workers
Caseworkers are employed by healthcare and social assistance industries, as well as the government to provide assistance and counseling to at risk populations such as children from troubled homes, those with serious illness or senior citizens in retirement communities. Caseworkers meet with their clients on a regular basis to assess how they're managing their circumstances.
Clinical Neuropsychologists have specialized knowledge and training in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical Neuropsychologists use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan who have neurological, medical, developmental, or psychiatric conditions.