Community mental health must be grounded in evidenced-based and best practices that reflect the cultural and individual beliefs of persons served.

Our vision for mental health service delivery encompasses models of service delivery that are flexible and that meet consumers where they are. The following is Our Vision:

  • BEW will become the leader in addressing mental health needs within the community, especially for children and adolescents who experience substance abuse, trauma and emotional/behavioral problems.
  • BEW administers evidenced-based, culturally competent programs to address the need of all residents of the Westside communities of Garfield Park, Austin, North Lawndale and surrounding areas. 
  • Our services will be accessible within the communities where residents reside and will utilize best practices in order to effectively connect with consumers of all ages.
  • Service delivery will be informed by input from consumers, stakeholders and based upon research informed interventions.
  • Services are delivered efficiently and effectively within locations that are comfortable for consumers (i.e. in their homes and within the community).



BEW’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Chicago’s Westside residents by providing the highest quality of mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities services to children, adolescents, and adults within a cultural context that is sensitive to the community.

These services are available to all persons who meet the admission criteria regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, etc. No one is denied services due to inability to pay.



BEW’s values guide the development and delivery of quality services to our consumers. Our consumers are treated as individual human beings with strengths that can and should be the cornerstone of their involvement in our services. Service to consumers is the primary reason for our existence and we value the privilege of being able to serve their needs. Our Values are as follows:

  • We respect the dignity and rights of individuals to exercise freedom of choice in their participation in our services
  • Early intervention and prevention of emotional/behavioral problems in children and adolescents is critical
  • The perspectives and beliefs of our consumers are an important aspect of working effectively with them to meet their individual needs
  • Our consumers have the ability to change and will achieve optimal functioning within the community with our commitment and dedicated involvement
  • Supporting the social and emotional well-being of our staff is crucial in the delivery of effective services to our consumers
  • The relationships we establish and maintain with other community agencies and stakeholders are important in our efforts to reach consumers
  • Openness to alternative perspectives and approaches to service delivery is vital to providing culturally competent services
  • The wishes and desires of our consumers to live independently with minimal intrusion into their lives are fundamental to respecting their individual human rights.